5 of the Worst Things About Students Going Back to School in Twinsburg

There's a lot to like about the start of a new school year ... but here's a few reasons readers aren't looking forward to it in Twinsburg.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
It's an exciting time for some, but there are some downfalls in Twinsburg when the students head back to school. 

Patch asked its audience to finish this sentence Friday: "The worst thing about the kids going back to school in Twinsburg is ________."

Here are five staff-picked answers: (All of the responses may be viewed on the Twinsburg Patch Facebook page.) 

  1. Lisa Zepp-Swiecicki: I could use one more week with my kids. If I had to pick the "worst" thing, it would be start times.
  2. Kasey Fait Diak: Filling out all the paperwork!  But more good than not! ha ha!
  3. Lisa Cellura: School Buses on the way to work!!
  4. Scott McKenzie: The "pay to play" fees!
  5. Paula McKenzie: Realizing summer is truly over.
What's your response? Tell us in the comments section. 


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