Editor's Pick: 5 Favorite Stories This Summer

Find out which stories Local Editor Mitch Cooper enjoyed reporting this summer.

Denis Leary hung out with firefighters in Twinsburg in June. Credit: Twinsburg Fire Department
Denis Leary hung out with firefighters in Twinsburg in June. Credit: Twinsburg Fire Department

5. Twinsburg Makes Top 50 in 'Best Places to Live'

You know you live in a pretty good town when CNN's Money Magazine says you're one of the 38th best towns in America. Twinsburg should be proud!

4. Twins Showcase Abilities At Twins Days 2013 Talent Show

Not only is it fun to just people watch (x2) when you're at the Twins Days Festival, but it's interesting to see what these multiples come up with each year as a special talent, especially when they do it together and are dressed alike.

3. Solon Brothers' Bond Kept Strong Thanks to Twins Days

I enjoyed talking to both Scott and Jason Malafarina. This was more than just a run-of-the-mill Twins Days piece. I was able to find out how a relationship can be separated by hundreds of miles and still be strong thanks to the annual festival.

2. How Hot Does a Closed Car Get in the Summer Sun? See For Yourself

Yes, I may have a few screws loose for sitting in a car that topped out at 120 degrees for 30 minutes, but I think it was a good example of just how dangerous a closed car can be in the summer. Plus, it is pretty comical.

1. Denis Leary, Star of 'Rescue Me', Visits Twinsburg Fire Department

When was the last time the star of a hit TV show (and Gwen Staci's dad from Amazing Spiderman) comes to town to hang with our own heroes? I loved all the photos from the visit and the firefighters were so thrilled to hang out with him for a few hours. Classic.


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