University Hospitals Fertility Center at UH Ahuja Medical Center provides awareness, comprehensive treatment and emotional support

Brooke V. Rossi, MD, Fertility Specialist, UH Ahuja Medical Center
Brooke V. Rossi, MD, Fertility Specialist, UH Ahuja Medical Center

Close-to-home fertility solutions range from medication to routine minimally invasive surgery

Beachwood, Ohio – April 20-26 marks the 25th National Infertility Awareness Week® in America. One of the basic messages this annual recognition and the fertility specialists at University Hospitals (UH) Fertility Center at UH Ahuja Medical Center strive to make clear is that infertility is not uncommon.

“It’s important for our patients and the community to know that up to 10 per cent of the population is coping with infertility issues,” says Brooke V. Rossi, MD, Fertility Specialist at UH Ahuja Medical Center. “If you are looking for solutions to an infertility concern, you are not alone.”

The UH Fertility Center at UH Ahuja Medical Center offers a comprehensive, patient-friendly variety of surgical and nonsurgical solutions to the many different types of infertility. The Center’s reproductive endocrinologists and gynecologic surgeons – James Goldfarb, MD, Barry Peskin, MD, James Liu, MD, and Dr. Rossi – offer care that ranges from basic assessment and testing to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and advanced assisted reproductive technologies.

Minimally invasive surgical solutions may be necessary to correct blocked Fallopian tubes or scarring due to endometriosis. However, many patients’ care involves very simple, nonsurgical approaches like oral medications, injections or insemination techniques.

“While certain lifestyle choices like smoking can have a negative impact, often a patient’s infertility is due to conditions they have no control over,” says Dr. Rossi. “In any case, it’s important to have an evaluation by a specialist in order to clearly identify the reason for the infertility and the most effective ways to optimize the possibility of pregnancy.”

A major component of the fertility care offered at the UH Fertility Center involves providing patients peace of mind. “We are committed to recognizing the emotional and psychological dimensions of infertility and the effect they can have on a patient’s relationships with their partner, family and friends,” says Dr. Rossi. “We provide care and support.”

To learn more about the comprehensive fertility services offered close to home, call the University Hospitals Fertility Center located in the Risman Pavilion at UH Ahuja Medical Center: 216-285-5028.


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