Names in the News: Cash Mob Creator Michael Turle

Michael Turle keeps his hand on the pulse of the community and is the man planning the upcoming cash mob at Richner Hardware.

His name is Michael Turle.

While he doesn't have a big-time position with the city or the schools, he is a Twinsburg man through-and-through.

Using Facebook, he keeps the community up-to-date and connected, creating groups such as "Twinsburg Roundtable" and "Twinsburg Cash Mob."

He is also the driving force behind the upcoming cash mob at on Saturday, July 28.

We caught up with this Twinsburg electrician to find out more about him.

Twinsburg Patch: Why do you love the community of Twinsburg?

Michael Turle: I love Twinsburg because I am from Twinsburg. I grew up here, lived my entire life here, and have chosen to raise my family here. When I grew up here, it was a small little town with a real sense of community, everybody knew everybody. Many of my friends today are 'new school Twinsburgers'.., that is they moved here as adults to raise thier families. The cool thing is, everybody STILL knows everybody, old school or new school, there is a real sense of community here.

Patch: A cash mob at a Twinsburg business is an awesome idea. What do you hope the community gets from this?

Turle: People in Twinsburg already "get it," you get by giving. It's not hard to be nice to a friend, neighbor or stranger you meet. The outpouring of people wanting to help just blows me away. A few weeks ago a different network of people reached out to help a re-located friend get a job and a car to get back on his feet. People are just awesome.

Patch: You seem to be a pretty active member of the community. Why is that?

Turle: It's what I do. If you can't be a good member of your community, then why be there? I just try to return to system from which I benefited, to try and make things a little better for the next generation.

Patch: What is one thing you hope happens for Twinsburg in the furture?

Turle: I honestly can't think of what could make our town any better. Great people, great location, great schools, great city services. There is one thing I think would make our town better, but that is still a project in the works, and you WILL know if anything comes of it.


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