Patch Picks: Broaden Your Dining Horizons

Tired of the ol' burger and fries? We have some international delights for you to try

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Patch Picks: Five Places to Broaden Your Dining Horizons

Let's face it: The same old American food can get pretty boring after a while (even though if you think about it, no food is "truly" American). So instead of hitting up the same burger joints or making hot dogs on the grill, we have some great establishments in mind to take your taste buds on a flight to tastyville.

Here are a few places we might suggest for you to go:

  • So it may be "Americanized" but you can always find a pot of gold here. They have some delicious Irish specialties that will always tickle your fancy.
  • You can never go wrong with a great Chinese restaurant and this is no exception. May we suggest the house specialties Pineapple Chicken and Peking Duck? 
  • If college living has taught you anything, it's that you can never have enough Chinese food. Throw some Vietnamese cuisine in there and you have yourself a killer combo.
  • How could we do an article like this without showing some love to those who make some of the best food: The Italians? The fine folks at D'Angelo's try to bring the old-world food to your table every night.
  • More Italian you say? If you haven't checked out the massive brick building on Enterprise Parkway, you will be delighted to know they have equally large portions of amazing cuisine.


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