TimeBanking Program To Building Community One Minute At A Time

Want to learn about TimeBanking in Twinsburg? Attend a meeting Feb. 9 at the Twinsburg Library.

Editor's Note: The content of this story was submitted by the Twinsburg Rotary Club.

Twinsburg will serve as the first hub in the "TimeBank" movement into northern Summit County.

"Though the concept is simple, the rewards are profound," said Abby Greer, Executive Director of the Kent Community TimeBank, as she introduced the 'time bank' initiative at a recent Twinsburg Rotary Club meeting.

Do you want to learn how you can participate in Twinsburg's TimeBanking program. An orientation and introductory meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. Feb. 9 at the Twinsburg Library.

The premise, explained Greer, consists of a group of local residents who support each other through an exchange of services, skills, and resources in response to individual or community needs. Available exchanges could include; home repair, tutoring, pet care, transportation, errands, computer assistance, garden/yard work, housekeeping, car repair, childcare, etc. For each hour of service rendered, the member receives credit of a time bank hour. The member, in turn, uses/exchanges his time bank hour for services he needs. Time units are used as currency, with each unit valued at an hour's worth of labor. The program is member-led and free; no money is exchanged. 

Time banking builds upon five core values: (1)  Assets – we have what we need, if we use what we have; (2) Work Redefined – all work is equally valued and equally prized; (3) Reciprocity -  the  two-way street of giving and receiving; (4)  Caring community networks;  and (5) Respect – for each other and the fruits of each other's labor. It empowers the individual to utilize untapped potential, while it creates social networks as neighbor helps neighbor.Greer was accompanied by Tom Schmidt, local coordinator and resident. In January, to launch Twinsburg's TimeBank project, Schmidt conducted an initial information and orientation meeting. Community social gatherings will be held monthly, explained Schmidt, to acquaint new and prospective members with time trade, and with each other,  These informal get-togethers, he advised,  furnish a face-to-face platform where participants can find out who offers what – and who needs what.

Impassioned by its mission, Greer founded the Kent organization in April, 2010, as an affiliate of TimeBank USA. It now has 385 members, who have exchanged 10,000 time credits. Greer's childhood years were spent in Hudson. Ten years ago, she relocated to Kent where she resides with husband, Chris Lasko, and children, Sam, 20 years old, and Emma, 16 years old.

Schmidt is a native  of Twinsburg Township where he serves as a trustee. He resides on his family farm.

With the motto of 'service above self', Rotary is, also, dedicated to building more productive communities. The Twinsburg Rotary Club represents a cross section of business men and women who meet weekly to hear noteworthy speakers, enjoy fellowship, and engage in meaningful local and global projects.

For additional information about Rotary activities or membership, contact Philip Weiss at 216-536-1737 or via e-mail at twinsburgrotary@g-mail.com.


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