Fitness Center Helped Raise Money for Diabetes Fundraiser

The Twinsburg Fitness Center took part in the Swim For Diabetes celebration this spring

The was one of many that helped raise $10,911 for the Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland this year.

The organization recently celebrated Diabetes Day on the GOODTIME III to recognize the 700 swimmers and volunteers who raised funds to support the fundraiser.

“It is a great feeling to know that there is so much support in our local community,” said Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland Interim President & CEO, Tina Milano. “We are thankful for the tremendous support we receive from those who participate in this event year after year.” 

The Diabetes Day event on the GOODTIME III celebrated the fundraising efforts of everyone who participated in Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland's 27th annual Swim for Diabetes. 

Participants of all ages gathered at 50 swimming pools around the Greater Cleveland area on April 20, 21, and 22 to support the 1 in 8 people living in the Greater Cleveland area affected by diabetes.   

Other participating pools in Summit County included The University in Akron, Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium, Life Center Plus, Macedonia Family Recreation Center and Akron General LifeStyles-North.


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