Dunkin' Donuts Backing Out of East Aurora Road Plan

Franchisee said it would not be able to meet specific zoning requirements for the proposed property

will not be moving forward with plans to start a franchise in Twinsburg, according to franchisee Robert Banca, Jr.

Banca said in an email to Twinsburg Patch that while he likes Twinsburg, certain requirements will keep them from continuing.

"The new zoning district restrictions render the land un-developable in any sensible commercial fashion for us," Branca said in an email.

He was hoping to build a 2,200 square-foot building for the chain and another 2,800 square-foot building beside it at 2573 E. Aurora Rd.

didn't quite meet the expectations of   on Monday evening.

The building district is designed to be more pedestrian friendly, with shops closer to the road. That made it too difficult to configure a design to meet those needs along with the required parking and set backs.

A drive-thru on the property would make it even more difficult to meet the zoning conditions, especially with the traffic volume, Planning Coordinator Lynn Muter said.

Branca said planning commission was very "encouraging" and wanted to make something work for both sides.

He said their backing out is no reflection on the people of Twinsburg and that he'd still wants to be part of the community.

"We of course would welcome any other opportunities to do business in Twinsburg on land that is more appropriate to our use and the wishes of the city," Branca said.

Papa Fi August 24, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Atta Boy Twinsburg Council......keep turning businesses away on minor technicalities and then wonder why others don't want to come toTwinsburg to invest and would rather go to Solon, Aurora, Hudson or Macedonia ????
Marina August 26, 2012 at 02:17 AM
The city of Solon is a nightmare now , from who and what is allowed to reside in that fine community to the crime that occurs and the congestion of the streets. If not having a Dunkin Donuts will help prevent Twinsburg from becoming like that ( LMAO ) then so be it.


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