JT Eaton Baits Donations to Help Japan Relief

The Twinsburg pest control supplier is busting out some old hardware to help bring relief to Japan

Normally, you wouldn't group ant removal and the disaster in Japan together.

But thanks to Twinsburg's J.T. Eaton, getting rid of pesky bugs can help support the relief effort in Japan.

By simply making a donation to the American Red Cross (ARC), any Pest Management Professional (PMP’s) can become the proud owner of J.T. Eaton’s Liquid Ant Bait Station.

J.T. Eaton, a family owned business since 1932 and innovator of pest control products, is showing its support for the tragedy in Japan by offering an incentive for PMPs to donate money.

"When we got word of the terrible incident with Japan, we decided to go ahead and give the product away for free to PMPs, given that they make a donation to Japan relief,” said Vice President of Sales Dale Baker.

The product, a Liquid Ant Bait Station, is designed to protect against poisoning non-target animals. For example, the family’s cat, dog, other animal life, and even young children are exposure free.

It's designed so ants will enter into the trap through the hole on the bottom (as seen in the photo with Baker on the side).

The liquid is then poured into the plastic container and a lid is them sealed on after which the whole product is then staked to the ground.

“This product was designed by my grandfather about 20 to 25 years ago," Baker said. "He was an amazing innovator and had a lot of great ideas. He came up with this product, launched it, and unfortunately it didn’t sell well."

It was at that point they decided to put the product in storage. It wasn't until recently the company thought to use the traps in a way that could help others.

"So we put it on the back shelf and let it sit," Baker said. "Eventually we found the product again and thought it was still a great unit, and figured people would take them for free."


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