Visual Marking Systems Wins Another Environmental Honor

The Twinsburg graphic-design company was honored for reducing carbon footprint.

One local company isn't just known for its stellar designs anymore.

Visual Marking Systems (VMS) recently received the 2012 Summit of Sustainability Awards from Akron MayormDon Plusquellic and Russ Pry, Summit County Executive in recognition of its "progressive and responsible green business practices," according to a press release.

VMS offers custom graphic design services and printing industry producing products for a variety of areas.

The company has a track record of sustainability as evidenced by its recognition as the “First Certified Green Printer in Northeast Ohio” (2012) by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP).  

SGP provides the framework for companies to strive to reduce their carbon footprint, capitalize on future business, and take into consideration the community, including the health and safety of employees.

Maintaining green practices throughout each layer of VMS’ business is a priority. Initiatives include recycling programs to reduce waste, employee engagement in developing green initiatives, product development which incorporates post-consumer materials and construction projects that result in less energy use and landfill waste.
VMS’s sustainability policies and procedures have led to the achievement of several significant sustainable successes to date.

These include a lighting retrofit project to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs (Energy Efficiency); an effective recycling program that involves a significant amount of office and production materials, on pace to divert almost 15 tons of raw material from landfills in its first full year (Waste Reduction); and panel participation on sustainable business practices in areas of manufacturing, procurement, and employee engagement at the American Public Transportation Workshop in August 2012 (Employee/Member/Community/ Involvement and/or Outreach).


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