Couple Runs From Cops, Charged With Possession: November's Top Stories

A Twinsburg pair ran from police during an arrest, found with heroin items. It was the top story in November. Find out what else everyone wanted to read about!

Friday, Nov. 31 is the final day of a busy month. So what were the most read stories in Twinsburg news this month? 

Twinsburg Patch outlines the Top 3 stories from November: 

Two young lovers ran from cops during a Nov. 8 arrest.

Terrance Rutkai, 19, of Twinsburg, took off between houses near the 9700 block of E. Idlewood Dr. after police pulled up behind a car he and girlfriend, Kaitlyn Rosselot, 19, were in.

She wrestled herself away from police and tried running into the woods along the house but got stuck. She was charged with was charged with obstructing justice, resisting arrest and possession of drug instruments/paraphernalia after she revealed two heroin syringes in her possession, according to the police report.

Rutkai was later caught and faces the same charges.

During a traffic stop on Oct. 25 police arrested an 18-year-old Twinsburg man for drug possession and obstruction of justice after repeatedly lying to officers that he had no drugs on him.

A juvenile in the same car was escorted home by police and started yelling at the officer once in his home. He was arrested on unruly juvenile charges.

Twinsburg Doc Bikes Across America in 40 Days

Dr. Richard Kratche recently biked across the country in 40 days, covering eight states and 2,829 miles.

Kratche, medical director of Cleveland Clinic Twinsburg Family Health and Surgery Centerrode from San Diego, CA to Saint Augustine, FL, raising nearly $11,000 for Destiny Rescue – a non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


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