Do You Know Where Twinsburg's (Not-So-)Secret Sledding Spot is?

When you ask Twinsburg residents where to go sledding, the answer is easy — the old school. But, do you know where the secret sledding spot is?

Snow is here and when we're not complaining about or it or shoveling it, we're hurling ourselves down a hill on it. 

On the Twinsburg Patch Facebook page this weekend, I asked readers to share the best spots for sledding in the city. 

The answer was clear: OLD SCHOOL! (I also learned to never call it the Kent State Building.) 

"The old school. Duh (Kent State building)," Dan Mcgowan replied

"And Dan Mcgowan don't ever call it the Kent State building. It will ALWAYS be the Old School," said Inger Nelson-Fjeldstad Barnes with an emoticon wink. People in Twinsburg are obviously passionate about calling it Old School, as her statement garnered six Facebook "likes." (I have a feeling it's something along the lines of calling Indian's Stadium The Jake and not The Pro.) 

While messages about Old School's hill came in — like one from Cassie Cline-Via who said, "My kids love the hill at Old School" — news about a "hidden hill" was revealed. 

"It's a trek but it's even better than the Old School hill. Park at the north side of the football stadium and walk back into the woods. You should find it!" said Barnes on the Twinsburg Patch Facebook page

In case this hill is still hidden to you Jennifer Hargreaves Crawford offered further instructions on how to get to the now not-so-secret hill: "The hill is behind the Old School. So the school faces Darrow Road, if you turn east onto 82, the hill is on the right right behind the school. You'll see school, parking lot, hill."

Patch wants to know:

What's your favorite sledding spot in Twinsburg? Do you plan to go to the (not-so-)secret hill? 


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