Meth Lab Bust and Saving Corbett: The Top 5

Don't miss the five hottest stories in Twinsburg this week.

Before we start another week, take a look back at the five biggest stories from this past week:

1. Meth Lab Busted: Police found a meth lab at the Twinsburg Inn motel on Ravenna Road last weekend. 

Emileigh Scripa, 32, of Solon, was charged with four felonies after officers discovered a mobile meth lab in one of the motel's rooms.

2. A Grassroots Effort to Save Corbett: One resident, Michael Turle, approached city council this week to present his idea to save the historical property.

He wanted to see a park or something significant to the community.

However, city officials thought the price was too steep to create another park.

3. Drunken Driving Weekend: There were five arrests over the weekend by Twinsburg police for drunken driving. Find out more here.

4. Tour a Fancy Home: While this Neile Lane house is currently off the market, people loved looking at our virtual tour of the $400,000 house.

5. Bica Opens Up: Scott Rafuse, the owner of Brewster's, officially opened up his new coffee and sandwich shop, Bica, this week.

He is hoping to creat a buzz with students at Kent State's Regional Academic Center with his new business just down the street.


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