Thanks So Much Twinsburg, You've Been Great!

Starting Monday, Dec. 3, Mitch Cooper will no longer be the local editor of Twinsburg Patch. But it's not goodbye forever...

Two years ago, I had no idea where Twinsburg even was, let alone how I was going to cover the town inside and out.

While there are still many mysteries to be discovered, I feel like I am part of this town; like I grew up here.

As of Monday, Dec. 3 I will no longer be the local editor of Twinsburg Patch. I've been chosen to serve the Ohio region in video and sports coverage, so my duties will be much different.

Fear not, Twinsburg. You are in capable hands. 

From now on Chris Mazzolini, the editor of Solon Patch, will be the new editor in Twinsburg. Chris has been in this business for a while and has even mentored me in my last two years.

There is no one I would trust more to run this site than him, so you will be well taken care of.

This isn't goodbye, it's more like, see ya' around.

I'll still be doing stories in Twinsburg every so often and covering for Chris when he's on vacation. Plus, he's in Solon all the time, so somebody's got to help the guy figure out Twinsburg.

I want to say a big thank you to all the people of this community. 

From Mayor Procop and Chief Noga to all the people who live in and love this community, you have made this an extraordinary journey. 

So many of you have helped me understand just how caring and strong this community truly is. 

So thank you, Twinsburg. I am leaving my post here a better journalist, and more importantly, a better person for knowing you.

Gary Sorace December 04, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Good luck, Mitch. Thanks for everything.


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