Twinsburg Patch is Looking for a Few Good Bloggers

Twinsburg Patch is looking for bloggers, and passionate, creative community voices like yours are needed!

Are you passionate about something in Twinsburg?

Whether it's food, family, schools, government, business, social issues, exercise, fashion or business— if it's your thing, we'd like you to consider blogging about it for Twinsburg Patch. Anyone may apply.

Don't be shy! Twinsburg Patch is on a mission to recruit fresh voices, and this is a great opportunity to make your voice heard. We want to hear what you have to say.

Patch bloggers are not paid and will own their blogs, so if you are already blogging and want to share with our readers, too, let us know. This is a chance to share your expertise and opinions with a wider audience! 

Contact Editor Mitch Cooper if you are interested in adding your voice to the conversation.

I am specifically interested in talking with:

  • Musicians, Live Music Fans, Audiophiles and Artists
  • Parents, High School Students, Teachers and Professors
  • Priests, Pastors and holy men and women of all faiths
  • Outdoors types and Gardeners
  • Car Aficianados
  • Bartenders, Baristas and Foodies
  • Fashion Experts, Stylists and Crafters
  • Volunteers and Nonprofit Workers
  • Health and Fitness Experts
  • Local Sports Fans
  • Any other Twinsburg resident who has something they want to say!


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