Twinsburg School Levy Fails in Three Precincts: Top 5

Find out what the top stories were in Twinsburg this week.

Before we start another week, take a look back at the five biggest stories from this past week:

1. Only Three Precincts Voted Against School Levy

After breaking down the election results by precincts, only three of the 16 precincts failed the levy.

One of the precincts was a small one in Macedonia.

2. FBI Releases Twinsburg Crime Stats for 2011

The FBI compiled the numbers for violent and property crime data reported by the Twinsburg Police Department last year.

The highest number was 169 property crimes, according to the data.

3. How Do Twinsburg's Crime Stats Compare With Local Communities (DATA)

Twinsburg Patch took the data from Twinsburg and compared it with the surrounding, reporting communities.

The city led in a few categories, including forcible rape with four.

4. Twinsburg Panera Plans to Open Soon

With crews working hard in the new Panera Bread at Town Center Plaza, the new restaurant is expected to open in early December, although no specific date has been set.

5. How to Tell if Your Neighbor's a Drug Dealer

Police Chief Chris Noga shared some advice and tips on how you can be on the look out for a drug dealer in your area.

Tips include: Getting to know your neighbors, watching for frequent traffic, and notifying police of any suspicious activity.


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