Life In The Fast Lane

As we approach graduation season, and set ourselves to encourage the next generations, Life In The Fast Lane looks at one way that we can encourage graduates today.

When the calendar strikes May we enter a season filled with hopes and dreams of graduates all over the country:  some moving on to college, and some moving on to find their place in the world.  Ceremonies will be filled with memorable speeches, dignitaries, and goals.  Proud family will be eagerly awaiting the name call of their loved one with cameras catching the moment of them walking across the stage.  These are moments that can be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.  The reality however is that the lifetime that our honored graduates face today is one that is ever moving at a pace that is nearly spinning out of control.  If we miss seeing this, then we will miss an opportunity to help our future generations take a moment, take a breath, and slow down.

The question you might ask is why would we want them to slow down?  Well, in the words of the 70’s rock group the Eagles, in one lyrical line, “life in the fast lane will surely make you lose your mind.”  There is no question that the pace and demands of society today is not helping us it is hindering us, and hurting our communities.  It is for sure causing us to lose our mind in the demand of the pace that has been set.

In these days of so much unemployment, foreclosure, and high prices on just about everything, now is the time to show our future generations why it is truly important to slow down.  The best investment one could make is not on Wall Street but in someone’s life, that focus on family outlasts focus on the next rung in the corporate ladder, and that spending time involved in your community is more important, and rewarding then one could imagine.  When we take the opportunity to show this, we will not only help build and show a better society for everyone, we will help show that it is all right to live life out of the fast lane and still find great reward and success in our lives. 

When the caps are thrown in the air, let us do more then just applaud and cheer, let us take the time to show graduates what really matters in life:  to invest, help and truly care for one another and our neighborhoods.  When we do this we will see real change in our communities and we will make ourselves better then we have ever been.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.  (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Will you dare to make a difference, invest in a life, and live outside of the fast lane? 

Pastor Michael Millet

Summit Church

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Diana Chatham May 19, 2011 at 03:53 AM
Totally agree - whoever decided that each and every minute had to be scheduled. Some of my best memories are when we took time to stop and spend time with family and friends. And every minute of that time was NOT planned, we just let things happen. Even young children these days have their evenings filled with this sport and that class. Do they have time to just relax and talk around the dinner table before they are rushed off to another activity? Stop the insanity! Thank you!~!
J. J. May 23, 2011 at 12:55 PM
Wow. It's as if we are all blinded and deceived that we have to be "busy". It only takes one person to start a revolution. I vow to be still and know that God is the only thing worth my time. Where is Summit Church? I want to get patched in.
Michael Millet May 27, 2011 at 01:44 PM
J J, we would love to have you join us sometime at Summit. We are located at 10204 Ravenna Road, just in between the High School and Middle School, and Sunday Service is at 10:45 am. Come be our guest!
Cindy July 12, 2011 at 02:39 PM
Had this discussion with friends, years ago. Called it tyranny of the urgent. I have also talked with people from other countries that have moved to the states and they said the fast pace of our lives here, and the lack of community was the hardest thing to get used to.


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