TPL Book Review: 'Pete The Cat' by Eric Litwin

The Twinsburg Public Library's librarian Miss Katie talks about a new book for children of all ages

loves Pete the Cat!

Sometimes it's hard to find a great book that can appeal to a wide variety of ages. We found our new favorite crowd pleaser with Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes.

Pete is a silly cat who is happy to be wearing his nice white shoes. He's so happy that he sings a little song about his shoes: "I love my white shoes, I love my white shoes..."

But as Pete walks along he happens to step on different things (strawberries, mud, etc.) which make his nice white shoes turn different colors.
But does Pete the cat get mad or sad when his shoes change colors? No!! "He just keeps walking along and singing his song."

Children love guessing what color Pete's shoes will change next AND more importantly, they love singing along with the catchy song.

Children can enjoy listening to the song and video on the Harper Colllins

Be sure to check out Pete the Cat ... and his shoes of many colors.


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