Belligerent Man Tasered By Twinsburg Police

The information in this report is from the Twinsburg police. An arrest does not mean a conviction.

Twinsburg police tasered a drunken, belligerent man twice after he tried to fight officers who had asked him to leave a bar, according to a police report.

Christopher L. Hoch, 29, of Twinsburg, is charged with assault, vandalism, resisting arrest and intoxication, according to the police report. The assault and vandalism charges are both felonies.

According to police report, employees at Rush Hour on Ravenna road called police on Dec. 15 just after midnight reporting that a drunken man had refused to leave the bar when they asked him to.

Police found the man asleep at the bar. When they roused him and asked him to step outside, he became angry and began yelling and swearing at the officers, according to the police report.

Once outside, the man continued acting belligerent, and officers tried to handcuff him. The man immediately started fighting back against the officer, who attempted to physically restrain the man, reads the report.

After a scuffle, the officer pulled out his taser and the man charged the officer yelling "come on!"

From the report:

Officer Waltz deployed his taser with one probe striking his chest and the other striking his coat as it flipped open. The initial taser deployment had no effect on the male. As the male started walking toward Officer Waltz clenching his fists again, he blocked a swing from the male and completed a drive stun to his left leg. The male backed up and swung his arms knocking Officer Waltz away. Officer Waltz swept the males feet and took him to the ground as he continued to fight. Officer Waltz ended up on top of the male and completed another drive stun to his right chest area. The male finally complied and placed his arms behind his back. He was placed into handcuffs as Officer Fate and Sgt Krieger arrived on scene.

The man continued to resist paramedics who attempted to assist him medically and, once he was put into the police car, he began to bang his head against the partition, reads the report.

The outburst continued in the jail, where police said the man vandalized a shelf in the cell and also urinated on the walls, according to the report.

The man eventually fell asleep.


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