Estranged Husband Kicks In Wife's Door; Police Called

The information in this report is from the Twinsburg Police.

Twinsburg Police were called to a home by a woman who said her estranged husband had kicked in her front door.

Police arrived at the home on Feb. 9 to find the husband attempting to drive away.

Officers determined that no further threats were made and that the damaged door was marital property, so no one was charged.

Police advised the couple to remedy their problems in civil court.

On 02/09/13 at 1619 hours, a resident of Alling Dr. called TPD to report that her estranged husband had kicked in the door to the
house. Upon arrival officers encountered the husband attempting to drive away. Officers spoke to both parties and determined that
there were no threats, no violence and that the husband damaged marital property. The husband left the premises and both were
advised to settle the issue in civil court.


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