Loud, Obscene Man Visited Multiple Times by Twinsburg Police

A 47-year-old Twinsburg man had three encounters with police for blaring music and shouting at neighbors

The third time was the charm for a rowdy Twinsburg man.

From the evening of May 10 to the afternoon of May 11, Twinsburg police responded to the duplex of a 47-year-old Ravenna Road man for three separate disturbances.

9:22 p.m.- A neighbor called police saying the man was sitting in his car blaring music and yelling obscenities at nearby residents. Officers showed up and calmed the situation.

12:24 p.m.- The neighbor complained to police again, because the same man was playing his music too loud. According to the police report, even the dispatcher heard the music in the background. Again, officers arrived and told the man to stop disrupting the neighborhood.

3:24 p.m.- Another phone call was made to police from the neighbor, to report that as soon as police left the last time, the man cranked the music back up and continued shouting obscene things at neighbors. They also mentioned that this time, it was all caught on video. Police came yet again and cited the man with disorderly conduct.


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