Man Arrested For Facebook Post Supporting Sandy Hook Gunman

A Medina man was charged with inducing panic after he posted a status update supporting the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

A Medina man posted support for the Sandy Hook gunman on Facebook, leading to a charge of inducing panic, reports WKYC Channel 3.

Joseph Resovsky, 20, told the news station he was only trying to prove a point with his post by showing that people forget about things easily.

His post, according to WKYC: "I'm so happy somebody shot up all those little (expletive). Viva la School Shootings!!!!"

Medina Police say they received tons of calls and complaints about the post. That's why they charged him with inducing panic.

Resovsky has since deleted his Facebook account.

Read the full story at WKYC Channel 3's website.


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