Missing Girl Found at Twinsburg Man's House

A 17-year-old Streetsboro girl took off from home and wound up at the house of her mother's ex-husband

A Twinsburg man found an interesting surprise on March 22. At around 10:30 p.m. he called Twinsburg Police when his ex-wife's 17-year-old daughter was standing at the end of his Gettysburg Drive driveway.

The Streetsboro teen said she got into a fight with her mother the night before because she was failing two of her classes. When her mom punished her by taking away her cell phone, she took off and spent the night outside, sleeping on a "big rock."

The next day she found a ride to Twinsburg and just walked around the city for most of the day. She went to and called a friend to giver her a ride to her mom's ex's house.

Police gave her a lift back to the Streetsboro Police Department where she was picked up by her mother.


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