Naked Man Answers Door When Police Knock

The following information was provided by the Twinsburg Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction

While one Twinsburg man may not have had a major role in a recent incident, the part he did play stole the show.

While trying to get to the bottom of a situation on May 3, police tried to get more information from a Warren Parkway man. When police knocked on the door, the man answered in his birthday suit.

Police were trying to figure out whether or not a woman had taken $1,000 from him earlier that eventing, as his roommate had accused.

Earlier police responded to the residence because a woman was screaming for help outside. When cops arrived the naked man's roommate was chasing her around the outside of the apartment.

He said she stole $1,000 from his roommate (the naked man), which she denied. When asked, the naked man said no one had taken any money from him.

However, the woman was still arrested for disorderly conduct.

Officers found two white pills on her when she was arrested and more charges may be filed against the woman after the analysis of the pills comes back.

Mentor Resident May 15, 2012 at 12:32 AM


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