Police Chief: We Have a Safe City

Twinsburg Police Chief Chris Noga responds to recent crime data released by the FBI

Nobody wants crime to be consistent in their community; unless, of course, it is consistently low.

And that's the sentiment of Twinsburg Police Chief Chris Noga has.

The FBI released the crime reports for Twinsburg in 2011 and Noga said the numbers for last year are pretty similar to years' past.

"We have a safe city," Noga said. "I'm proud to live here and be the chief here."

But like any community, crime is inevitable.

Noga said you won't completely prevent crime but he is pleased with the numbers.

As far as examining Twinsburg with other communities' crime data, Noga said it's like comparing "apples to (oranges)."

"There are many variables that are hard to account for," he said.

There are so many communities that have different aspects from one another such as population, types of business and more.

But no matter what happens elsewhere, Noga is glad to have a safe Twinsburg.

"I'm pleased with the results, but there's always work to do," Noga said.

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