Robbery Update: Thief Stole More Than $4,700

Twinsburg Police are still searching for a man who robbed Advance America in Twinsburg on March 6.

The thief who robbed a Twinsburg pay-day loan business used a gun to coerce the clerk into handing over money before fleeing with thousands of dollars, according to Twinsburg Police.

Twinsburg Patch obtained more information about what happened at Advance America on Darrow Road on March 6.

Police describe the robber as "a black male in his  late 20's -early 30's, tall and slender, wearing a black hat, a black sweatshirt type jacket, a gray scarf and gray pants." He is still on the loose.

According to Police, the burglar entered the store at about 6 p.m. The man pulled a semi-automatic pistol from a plastic bag and told the clerk she would not be hurt so long as she cooperated.

The clerk led the burglar to a safe, which contained a "bait pack" of money. But he told the clerk he knew there was more money, and forced her to show him where it was.

The clerk then opened another cabinet, which contained a black lockbox which the suspect took, according to police. The clerk then empties the three registers and gives the cash to the man.

The man then forced the clerk to lie on the ground while he left. She later saw him running north, either on Darrow Road or Ravenna Road.

All told, police believe the man stole $4,720 from the business, including $3,140 inside the lock box and $1,580 from the registers.


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