Step-Father Accused of Slashing Kid's Tires: The Blotter

The following information was provided by the Twinsburg Police Department

On Jan. 10, a Twinsburg woman went to the to report criminal mischief report. The woman said her daughter was a the when the tires on her car were slashed. A witness gave a description of the suspect who the woman said could possibly be her her former step-father. This case is still under investigation.

On Jan. 10, the vice president of an Edison Boulevard business, , reported a propane tank storage unit was stolen from outside of the business.

On Jan. 11, the manager of CVS Pharmacy at 8059 Darrow Rd. called police to report there were two males in the lobby of the store who were asked to leave. Officers were sent to the store and found two juvenile boys, who were standing in the lobby. The store manager said the day before, she had asked them both
to leave after finding them smoking in the bathroom and harassing several customers. That's when she told them not to return. The boys didn't listen returning the next day and were asked to leave a second time, which they refused. The boys were arrested for trespassing and later released to their parents.

On Jan 12, a Gettysburg Drive woman reported that around 20 checks were taken from her home between Jan. 1 and Jan. 10. The woman was told by a Beachwood bank that someone attempted to cash one of her checks. The bank put a stop on the account and she did not lose any money from her account.
The case is under investigation.


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