Twinsburg Police Chief Offers Thoughts on Solon Shooting

Chief Chris Noga, who dealt with a fatal shooting in Twinsburg in 2008, said his department's thoughts are with Solon right now.

The shooting in Solon Sunday night is a situation all too familiar for Twinsburg Police Chief Chris Noga. 

Solon Police released a detailed account of what happened on Sunnywood Drive Sunday night that led police officers to kill a man who fled from a traffic stop.

Click here for the latest Solon Patch story. 

In 2008, Twinsburg experienced a fatal shooting — when Officer Josh Miktarian was killed during a traffic stop in 2008.

The morning after the shooting in Solon, Twinsburg's Chief Noga offered this comment:

"In police work, there is no such thing as a ROUTINE traffic stop. Today's police officers are trained to respond to threats perceived, observed or verbalized. A great majority of traffic stops in suburban communities end safely for the violator and for the officer. As Chief [Christopher] Viland of the Solon Police Department stated, 'This is one of those events that no one thinks will ever happen in the suburbs. It is what we train for but hope won't come to pass.' Our thoughts here at the Twinsburg Police Department are with the two Solon officers involved. We are glad that they survived this incident."

The Solon Police Department has not posted any updates on its Facebook page about the shooting



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