Woman Reports Strange Man Prowling Around Her Apartment

The information in this report is from the Twinsburg Police.

Police are investigating a Twinsburg woman's reports of a strange man prowling around her apartment, including leaving balloons, peeping through the window and, maybe, leaving a dog toy in her apartment, according to a Twinsburg police report.

The 44 year-old Darrow Park Drive resident called police on Jan. 30 at about 8:43 p.m. to report that a "possible prowler" had left a bouquet of ballons on a chair outside the apartment with a note.

It is not the only incident. The woman also said that on Jan. 29 her brother caught a man looking into one of the apartment's windows. The man told her brother that he thought it was his sister's apartment and left.

The woman told the officer that in early December she was walking her job and saw a man wearing a mailman's jacket watching her, and that he hurried away when he noticed that she saw him, according to the report.

She also called police on Dec. 1 to report that a window to her apartment was open and a strange dog toy was inside, according to the report.

The police are paying special attention to the area, and told the woman to contact them if she sees the man again.


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