Women Who Helped Miktarian's Killer Apologize In Court

Bridget Robinson, of Solon, and Danielle Roberson, of Akron, expressed remorse for the death of Joshua Miktarian but also gave reasons for their actions that night.

Bridget Robinson and Danielle Roberson expressed remorse for the death of a Twinsburg Police officer Wednesday before a judge handed out sentences to both of them.

Robinson, of Solon, and Roberson, of Akron, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, a felony, for their roles in trying to help Ashford Thompson the night he murdered Twinsburg Police Officer Joshua Miktarian.

Robinson is Thompson's sister. Roberson was his girlfriend. Thompson was convicted of murdering Miktarian and now awaits execution in an Ohio prison.

The women were sentenced to two years of probation and fined. Roberson will serve six months of home confinement.


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Authorities say Robinson gave Thompson vasoline to try to help him remove Miktarian's handcuff from his wrist after he fled to her home following the murder.

Robinson said she was startled and confused and did not know the full extent of what her brother had done.

"I love my brother, he will always be my brother, but that does not mean I condone the decisions and actions that he did," Robinson said while facing Holly Miktarian, Josh Miktarian's widow, and Twinsburg Police Chief Chris Noga. "I wasn't there that night. I don't know everything that transpired.

"Your husband did not deserve that," she added. "It was never my intention to try to help him flee or otherwise. I wish I would have asked more questions and directed him to the Bedford Heights police station."

Authorities said that Roberson, who was with Thompson when he shot Miktarian, had tried to hide the gun. Holly Miktarian also said she holds Roberson responsible for her husband's death because she distracted Miktarian while he  tried to arrest Thompson, giving Thompson an opportunity to shoot Miktarian.

Roberson also said she was sorry, but told the court she did not have a role in his death. She added that she was in shock and went with Thompson afterward because she was afraid and confused.

"I am sorry for your loss but I had nothing to do with his death, at all," Roberson said. "If I could go back and change that night, I would. But I had nothing to do with it, and I'm sorry that it happened."


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