Chamber, City Agree to Renew Church Street Lease

Both sides believe the agreement is working well.

Abby Schroll-Fechter. Credit: Mitch Cooper
Abby Schroll-Fechter. Credit: Mitch Cooper
The Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce and the city have agreed to renew the lease for the 9044 Church Street building where the chamber is headquartered, reports the Twinsburg Bulletin.

The lease was originally for one year and both sides agreed the contract was mutually beneficial. City council approved the renewal on Sept. 24.

""I think it's wonderful," Executive Director Abby Schroll-Fechter told the Twinsburg Bulletin. "I love that the Chamber is right in the center of town and I'm grateful for the city and Council working with us on this to keep us here for another year. The Chamber's just very grateful for that."



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