Former Twinsburg Fire Captain Settling in as Streetsboro Mayor

Glenn Broska said his new role is "everything he expected and nothing he can't handle."


You better not change.

That was the message Glenn Broska, a former Twinsburg fire captain and newly-elected Mayor of Streetsboro, got from people after the 2011 election.

"I never want to do that," Broska said.

After 22 years on the force for the , fighting fires and saving lives, he now finds himself in a new and often challenging role leading his city.

Since he took office on Dec. 5, 2011, Broska has been spending his first six weeks "learing the ins and outs such as the different accounts and procedures" and realizing how things can move at a "glacial pace."

"Being in the fire department, we're used to doing things right now," Broska said. "But those making quick decisions have served me well."

And he's made some quick decisions.

The same week he was sworn in as mayor, he brought in some familiar faces to be part of his team. Broska hired both Twinsburg's law director, Dave Maistros, and human resources director, Clayton Morris, to work part time.

"To be successful, you surround yourself with successful people," Broska said. "I wanted a law director I could trust."

He said Twinsburg Mayor Katherine Procop always spoke highly of Maistros and Morris has the ability to get things done.

"Clay gives Streetsboro direction and is a skilled negotiator," Broska said, adding "I'm very happy having them here and I thank Mayor Procop for sharing.

Procop has also been a great resource for Broska, saying he speaks to her quite frequently.

"I really admire her for everything she's done," Broska said. The fact that Twinsburg is constantly a top suburb in Ohio speaks to Procop's leadership, he said.

"With me, she's very genuine. When I ask for advice, I know I will get a well-thought out response," Broska said.

No matter how well things go for him at Streetsboro City Hall though, Broska will always have fire in veins.

"I love being a firefighter," he said.

"The excitement of being a firefighter is overwhelming."

Broska recounted once saving a man's life while he was out grabbing lunch. The call came in as he was on the road and he rushed to the house, restarting the elderly man's heart. He still sees that man around town and gets a hug every time.

Whether it's the long and somtimes grueling 24 hour shifts, or hanging with the guys, "busting each other's chops," Broska will miss his time on the force.

"God granted me the honor of saving a lot of lives," he said.

The good news: Being mayor in Streetsboro also means he's the city's safety director. He can hitch a ride on the fire trucks whenever he wants.


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