New City Legislation Will Crack Down on Meth Labs

Ordinance would make property owners foot the bill for clean up of drug labs


Chris Noga said in his 15 years at Twinsburg, the city hasn't had a meth lab.

But if one does pop up, Noga said he wants to be prepared for it.

"They are very dangerous to deal with," Noga said. “It has to be cleaned up and cleaned up properly.”

City council is expected to vote in the next few weeks on legislation that would regulate the clean up of clandestine drug labs, typically making methamphetamines. The financial burden of the clean up, which can be pretty steep, would be placed on the property owner.

"There have been meth labs requiring houses to be demolished," Noga said. "It’s not a cheap proposition."

Whenever a meth lab is uncovered, the clean up involves dangerous and hazardous materials, which can be expensive. The ordinance would put the cost of the clean up on the property owner, allowing the city to recoup the expense.

In the past, funding from the state was typically used to handle the financial burden. However, since that funding has been lacking in recent years, the Noga wants to the city to be able to cover the costs.

"I’d rather have it on the books and not use it than to have it happen and not be prepared," he said.

Regardless of what the criminal charges are, the property owner is responsible for the costs. If they can't pay the fine, a notice is placed on the property to pay the civil action before it can be sold.

“Although we have never had one here, the fact that there is no money coming from the state is a big issue. They are dangerous," Noga said.


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