UPDATE: Gun Store Removes Sign After Public Backlash

The mayor said a sign that reads "Twinsburg Public Safety and Firearms Coming Soon" should never have been posted.

Twinsburg residents expressed anger and outrage last week over a proposed gun shop, our news partner WEWS Channel 5 reports.

  •  “I think it’s a horrible idea,” said Krystal Lee, a Twinsburg cosmetology student.
  • “I’m unhappy about it,” said Joyce Kropf, a Twinsburg resident.
  • “What is the city thinking?” said Randy Nock, another Twinsburg resident on Twitter.

Last week, the city’s mayor said the business owner posted a sign that said “Twinsburg Public Safety and Firearms Coming Soon” at the former Pete’s Home Bakery location at 10683 Ravenna Rd.

UPDATE: The Twinsburg Bulletin reports the sign was removed following the community's backlash. 

Procop said the owner didn’t have approval to put the sign up because the city hasn’t received a business application from him yet.

The owner of Twinsburg Public Safety and Firearms couldn’t be reached for comment, but on the business’ Facebook page, it read:

“We had extensive conversation with the city of Twinsburg building department, and during those conversations, we were assured the current zoning allowed us to operate as a firearms retailer. We have verbal and written approval to do so.”

Procop said the store would be better suited in what’s called an interchange district – a place with fewer residences, schools and neighborhood businesses.

“Especially with everything going on in the news right now, all the shootings, I think it’s a horrible, horrible idea,” Lee said.

The owner, who the mayor said tried to open a gun shop in Twinsburg’s historical district earlier this year but was denied, has until Thursday to take the sign down or apply for a temporary business permit.

For the full story and more comments from the mayor, read the entire WEWS article. 

Gbos May 06, 2013 at 07:13 PM
The Biz May 06, 2013 at 10:26 PM
So far every response here was in favor or allow it to open. How many people did Channel 5 have to talk with to get several negative responses? News media in action. Why would a city not want a new business in this economy?
Carl S May 06, 2013 at 11:51 PM
dont forget about the check cashing place in the heart of the "historic district".ha what a joke. Isnt it odd, how the media "leads" people? Channel 5....they are about as reputable as MSNBC, the "Obama Channel"
Adam Zendarski May 07, 2013 at 08:05 AM
Hey, let's give the author of this story a round of applause for having ONLY 3 individuals to base her story on. Let's not forget that those 3 quotes of propaganda are biased against rightful, sincere gun owners. And republicans and libertarians are the biased ones? And another thing, why did the mayor become a backstabber? She'll be 65 next mayoral election. It's time for her to retire. You want to know what's worse than a gun store being established? Seeing high school kids (under 18) being sold cigar rolling materials at Roll Your Own. How about how those same kids use cigar rolling materials to roll their own blunts? But that won't make the headlines.
Brandon Fisher May 09, 2013 at 03:26 PM
The media only lets the people know what they want them to know. Adam, Good point about the roll your own place.


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