School Safety is Part of Obama's Gun Control Plan

Strongsville schools already have some of the recommendations in place, officials say


President Barack Obama presented a sweeping set of gun control recommendations on Wednesday, with many focused directly on increasing safety measures in schools.

According to the Politics K-12 blog, the proposals signal a shift in federal priorities—the proposals ask for increases in school safety and mental health counseling funding, areas the administration has sought to cut in the budget in recent years.

Check out the Politics K-12 post for a more in-depth look at the proposals, which includes creating model emergency response plans for institutions like schools and providing $50 million for training for professionals like social workers and counselors who plan to work with young adults.

The full text of the plan can also be found on the White House website.

The local school safety conversation

In the month since the , this issue has been at the forefront of conversations across the country, including Northeast Ohio. School districts from North Canton to Lakewood to Mentor have taken the issue on, opting to strengthen their ID policy for visitors and looking for ways to identify students that need extra support.

In Strongsville, the district already provides a resource officer at Strongsville High School -- something the president is encouraging.

Safety Director Charles Goss said after the Newtown shootings that the police department and schools were taking a fresh look at their crisis and safety plans.

"School safety has been our priority," he said.

Police Chief Jim Kobak said Strongsville's plan starts with a school resource officer and two DARE officers, who are trained to detect troubled children -- and intervene quickly.

The effort also includes zone officers who patrol around school buildings daily -- and often stop in to talk with staff -- and a tactical operations plan in the event of a crisis.

Kobak said the department has regular drills with the schools, seeking feedback and adding updates.

tom m January 18, 2013 at 04:24 PM
allow any teacher who has a CCW permit to carry their weapon at school,............ by making a school "GUN FREE ZONES" you are telling those who want to kill as many people as possible and that, (they can freely kill as many as they want UNTIL the police can get there) BUT with the unknown factor of a CCW armed teacher that might be standing behind the next door that the shooter kicks in ........ that shooter might look elsewhere to go on their rampage
Winston Smith January 21, 2013 at 02:24 PM
How's that "No Guns Allowed" sign working? Not very well at Sandy Hook. It only stopped the good guys from being armed. I agree with tom m.
Dan January 21, 2013 at 11:14 PM
Seriously? More guns in schools? By teachers/administrators/staff without thorough assault training or training in shooting PEOPLE? Even trained SWAT officers need constant assault training and role-play training. Does anyone seriously think that a 3-day training for non-militia people will suffice? Where will the guns be stored? On-body? What if a teacher and student get into a verbal confrontation? Gun pulled? By student/teacher? What if shots are fired? If police come, who's the good guys and who are the bad guys when bullets start to fly? This won't be a paint-ball / video exercise. Good grief.
Winston Smith January 22, 2013 at 01:53 PM
Dan Seriously. YES, more guns in school, but this time in the hands of a "good person”, not in the hands of a soon-to-be-murderer who's jacked-up on some psychotropic drug! What is this "assault training" you keep typing? When has "SWAT" done anything more at a school massacre than mop up the blood of victims? Here's my "what if", to trump ALL yours: What if that brave Asst. Principle at Sandy Hook who charged the murderer(but was UNARMED and killed) but instead had a 38 special, and had a few civilian IDPA classes? The result would not be "paint ball”. It would have been one dead 20 yr old druggie, NOT 20+ dead kids!
James Murphy January 22, 2013 at 04:27 PM
Dan the drama queen, assault training really ????? why ??? the teachers are already on "the inside" using your childish scenario the shooter would actually be the one needing the "swat" training I think the point being made here is that the ccw teacher or teachers would be a unknown defender (is there 1 or 5 hiding here)that might make most mass murderers choose a different location to shoot up


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