Twinsburg Has 5 Charter Amendments on November Ballot

Many of the issues were presented to voters in past elections.

Twinsburg voters will see five charter amendments on the ballot on Nov. 6.

All of them have been seen before, however. The issues were previously voted on in 2009 and 2011 but were challenged by council because they weren't properly advertised.

Issue 36 amends the city charter to combine the Historic Preservation Commission with the Architectural Review Board.

In 2009 it was approved with 75 percent voting for it.

Issue 37 modifies the requirements for hiring a law director. The legislation says that the candidate, chosen by the mayor and approved by council, must have five years of practice in municipal law.

In 2009 Twinsburg approved this change with 78 percent of the popular vote.

Issue 38 clarifies that any parcel of land annexed by the city must be classified by the planning commission before approval by council. This is does not apply to residential areas, however.

This issue was approved with 62 percent of the popular vote in 2009.

Issue 41 affects how charter amendments are sent to the ballot. If approved, city council would be required to submit to the ballot any revisions, alterations, or amendments that are recommended by the Charter Review Commission.

This was approved in 2009 with 80 percent of the popular vote..

Only one issue from November 2011 was chosen to put on the ballot again this year.

Issue 42, a charter amendment that was previously voted down, would allow the appointing of all positions in the city's safety forces below chief through the Civil Service and cleaning up the charter by eliminating positions that no longer exist.

This issue was voted down in by a slim margin in 2011, 50.25 percent against and 49.75 percent in favor.


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