Twinsburg's Non-Union Workers Could Get Pay Raises This Year

Twinsburg City Council will vote next week on an ordinance that would give the city's non-union workers a 3 percent raise this year.

Twinsburg's non-union workers could get a 3 percent pay raise for 2013.

The city has 28 non-union workers, and the raises if passed would cost the city about $70,000, according to the Twinsburg Bulletin.

The raises are meant to keep the city's non-union workers in line with the pay of the city's union employees.

The city council presented the salary ordinance at its Jan. 22 meeting, and will bring it forward for a vote again on Feb. 12.

Here's the proposed salaries of some of the city's top-paid employees, according to the Bulletin:

Mayor Katherin Procop $97,105 Police Chief Chris Noga $92,865 Fire Chief Richard Racine $92,079

See a longer list of employee salaries at the Bulletin website.


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