Twinsburg To Discuss Handing Over Water Lines To Cleveland Water

In exchange for handing over Twinsburg's 97 miles of water lines, Cleveland Water would pay for infrastructure improvements.

Twinsburg Mayor Katherine Procop said that Cleveland Water is interested in taking control of the city's roughly 97 miles of water lines.

In exchange for handing over those assets, Cleveland Water would pay for needed infrastructure improvements on the system.

Procop brought up the issue at Tuesday's city council meeting. She said that Twinsburg had discussed the arrangement with Cleveland Water about five years ago, but city officials were not interested.

Procop said she has done research on other communities with similar arrangements and found that they work well, with those communities receiving money to repair and enhance their water system.

"I find it's been very, very successful," Procop told City Council.

City officials decided to bring someone in from Cleveland Water to discuss the offer in greater detail.

Kathie Prince Piechowiak January 10, 2013 at 03:35 PM
at the cost of "What" to Twinsburg residents? I say no...


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