Voters Will See Fewer Precincts in November

In November 2011, Twinsburg voters had 16 precincts. This year there will only be 10.

Nov. 6 is going to be a big election day, but in Twinsburg, it's going to see a smaller number of precincts.

In April 2012 the Summit County Board of Elections voted to reduce the number of precincts around the county to cut costs, Director Joe Masich said.

"This cost-savings measure will save $130,000-$150,000 per county-wide election," Masich said.

The precinct numbers around Summit County were reduced from 475 to 298. In Twinsburg, the number of precincts went from 16 down to 10.

The cuts will reduce costs of polling locations, including poll workers, like Twinsburg's .

Murphy, living in Ward 3, used to help run the polls in Ward 5 at .

Now that each ward in Twinsburg has only two precincts, Murphy's services were no longer needed by the county.

"There will be a lot of people who were poll workers who will be in that situation," he said.

Even though the number of precincts has changed, the polling locations will stay the same, according to the board of elections' website.

While he's still listed as an emergency worker, Murphy worries with such a huge election in Twinsburg (including a and ), things could get confusing.

"I think it's unfortunate at that time that it has to happen that way," he said.

Masich said he wasn't worried about large voter turnout for the presidential election, especially since county voters can submit absentee ballots and vote at the board of elections' office starting Oct. 2.

"There'll be some lines at peak times during any presidential election," Masich said.


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