Wind Turbines, Rain Barrels: Twinsburg Zoning Issues

Twinsburg voters will decide on two zoning amendments, Issues 39 and 40.

There will be two zoning issues for Twinsburg voters to decide Nov. 6.

Issue 39 provides regulations in the zoning code for properties that wish to install wind energy turbines within the city limits.

The intent of the regulation is to insure safety of the property and surrounding properties, establish standards for design and construction and to regulate the sizes of wind turbines.

The issues clarifies the permit process for installing wind turbines in the city and also regulates the safety requirements.

Issue 40 changes the zoning requirements for homeowners who wish to create a rain barrel on their property.

It clarifies the requirements for installing rain barrels and where they should be located.

The issue also creates guidelines for residents who wish to create rain gardens.

You can read the full regulations for each issue in the PDF section above.


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