District Cuts Will Affect 58 Positions for Next Year

The final details of the district's operational changes plan will be made at the April 18 school board meeting

The will bring the final round of cuts and changes to the April 18 school board meeting, saving the toughest changes for last.

The school board will vote on the employee cuts, affecting 58 positions for the 2012-13 school year. This is the final part of the districts effort to reduce costs and add fees of $3.2 million for next year.

Superintendent Kathryn Powers said the administration has informed all of the employees who will be affected by the partial or complete cutting of their positions. Some of the certified and classified postions will be dealt with through attrition.

On March 21 Powers said that 13 classified employees, including teachers, will be cut.

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of our valuable staff and the big changes regarding our programming and enlarged class sizes," Nora Suder-Riley, Twinsburg Education Association (TEA) president, said in a statement to Twinsburg Patch.  "The TEA has been involved in the conversations, but in the end, the administration makes these decision.  Our job is to make the best of this situation and work hard to continue the high quality education we have been accustomed to providing in Twinsburg."

Powers will review all of the changes and how the administration got to the target number at the April 18 meeting, but said not all the numbers are concrete yet.

"It changes on a daily basis because the needs are constantly changing," Powers said. "But we still have to meet the $3.2 million target."

Even with a few kinks to work out, after the next meeting the community should have a better understanding of the changes moving forward.

“It will define what this operational plan will look like going into the next school year,” Powers said.


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