District Cutting 5 Latchkey Assistants

Low enrollment in the latchkey program prompted the district to cut assistants, saving $65,000 per year.

Five assistants in the latckey program have been cut by the Twinsburg City School District, effective Oct. 29, saving the district $65,000 in salary.

School officials made the decision after realizing the number of assistants was too high for program's enrollment.

"After we studied the number of kids versus staff, we realized we were overstaffed," Superintendent Kathryn Powers said.

The number of kids participating in latchkey has significanlty declined from one year ago, she added.

These are classified positions, so the salaries aren't large, but adding it all up, it helps the district watch its bottom line, Powers said.

"It evens out really what we need to make sure we're caring well for kids who stay during after-school hours," she said.

Four of the assistants worked at Bissell Elementary while the other was employed at Wilcox Primary.


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