Levy Time Again? School Board Talks Renewal Levy Timing

The renewal levy would not ask for new money from taxpayers. But without voter approval, Twinsburg Schools would lose $4.3 million annually.

Twinsburg taxpayers just approved new levy dollars to fund the schools, with 54 percent of voters supporting the new tax dollars.

Now school board members will likely ask voters to renew an operating levy set to expire in 2013.

The renewal levy would not raise new money from taxpayers, it would simply continue taxes they are already paying. Without the levy, the schools would be out $4.3 million annually and would have to again discuss operational and instructional cuts. The schools have already cut positions and raised fees to improve the district's budget picture.

"It’s another levy, but it’s a reality of how schools are funded," said Board Member David Andrews. "If it's not renewed we are right back to where we started, or worse."

The most likely scenario is to ask the voters to renew the levy in May. That way, the board can have time to plan in the case the levy is not renewed.

"It’s a levy that already exists, not new taxes, but I think we need to act upon this and get this behind us," said Board President Ron Stuver said.

Stuver asked board members to mull over when they wanted to put the renewal on the ballot. If May is the choice, the board would have to pass all resolutions by Feb. 6 to get on the ballot.


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