Names in the News: School Board President Ron Stuver

It's been a tough year for Twinsburg schools as School Board President Ron Stuver has tried to lead the district through a financial storm

His name is Ron Stuver.

By day Stuver is an IT consultant for Client Strategy Group. But since 2007 he has given much of his time as a member of the . For the past two years he has served as president.

In his term as president he's seen a , tried to figure out the , and helped oversee , amongst other joys and challenges.

Twinsburg Patch caught up with Stuver to find out more about him and issues facing the school district.

Twinsburg Patch: How long have you lived in Twinsburg? What do you love most about the community?

Ron Stuver: My wife, LeAnne, and I moved our family to Twinsburg in 1994.  It has been a good blend of a small town with suburb amenities. Our two sons attended Twinsburg schools from K-12, and we are very pleased with the education that they received. The teachers are great!

Patch: What made you decide to serve on the board of education?

Stuver: I have always been involved and volunteered whether in church, with youth organizations, for the city or the schools. After serving on the school district’s strategic planning committee in 2006-07, I decided to run for a vacant position on the school board. I became aware of the financial challenges that public schools would be facing as per changes that were occurring at the state level. Thus I wanted to serve and contribute my time to help solve these problems in Twinsburg.

Patch: Now that the school year is over, how do you feel about all the changes that were made to the district?

Stuver: No one feels good about changes that involve reduction of staff. Good people who were employees of the school district have lost their jobs and not through any fault of their own. The state has burdened local school districts with these financial challenges, which creates a situation for school boards to make these difficult decisions. However, I am confident that our school district will remain a quality district, and look forward to educational reforms that will keep us on our toes.

Patch: What are your thoughts on a future levy?

Stuver: A new tax levy will be required for the long term fiscal health of the school district. This will be a part of the overall balanced approach to a financial action plan. While a healthy cash reserve exists today, we are presently in a deficit-spending mode. When you look at the past two years of actual budget results, , it is evident that a tax levy is required to stay ahead of the financial challenges that lay ahead and to avoid a state of fiscal distress.

Patch: What is one thing you wish the Twinsburg community knew about the recent reductions and changes?

Stuver: The financial issues we are facing are not new and did not happen yesterday. As a member of the strategic planning committee, I first became aware of these issues back in 2006-07.  The district has been chipping away at expenses, and during the past two years, we have cut a little deeper. The board and administrators are firmly focused on the actions that will provide financial stability for the district. At the same time, our administrative team and teaching staff also remain committed to the quality education of our students.

Twinsburg is a great community and the school district is a large part of that. We will continue to work hard for the citizens of the Twinsburg School District to insure that a quality education exists for future generations.


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