PHOTOS: District Says Farewell to 386 Years of Service

The school board honored the 15 educators and staff members who are retiring this year

The said goodbye to 15 employees during Wednesday's board of education meeting.

The retirees had 386 years of combined service in the district.

Here's the list of the retirees and how long they have been in Twinsburg:

  • John Cairns- 15 years
  • Susan Buckbee- 15 years
  • Joyce Harney- 20 years
  • Sue Schostack- 20 years
  • Pam Sherman- 20 years
  • Mary Adams- 20 years
  • Nancy Slife- 22 years
  • Linda Hon- 23 years
  • Pat Williams- 25 years
  • Deb Rockwell- 26 years
  • Linda Mondry- 31 years
  • Gary Sorace- 32 years
  • Sue Yackmack- 35 years
  • Rick Dye- 37 years
  • Bev Hegedish- 45 years
Ddras May 17, 2012 at 05:54 PM
We love you Mrs. Yackmack! Happy retirement. Peyton and Dawn Drasner


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