School Board Approves Three-Year Contract for Treasurer

District Treasurer Martin Aho was awarded another three-year contract by the board of education

In a time of financial instability for the , it decided to keep it's top fiscal advisor.

The board of education approved a new three-year contract for Treasurer Martin Aho at Wednesday night's meeting. Aho's new term begins Aug. 1 and will expire on July 31, 2015.

"Mr. Aho has kept us out of touble," Board President Ron Stuver said. "He's always looking for the things that need to be fixed and keeping up with the state standards."

Aho has been with the district for nearly ten years.

As part of his contract, Aho's annual salary will start at $108,000 in the first year and the last two years will be determined by the board's administrative salary schedule. The board noted that Aho is not taking a pay raise in the first year of his new contract.

(Read the full contract in the PDF section to the right).

The agreement also includes contributions to the State Employee's Retirement System and the same health care packages as other administrative employees.

As part of the contract Aho also recieves the typical paid holidays as well as 20 paid vacation days per year, five of which can be converted for cash if unused.

"I feel confident that even with the challenges we face, we are being guided very well financially," Stuver said.

Dave March 22, 2012 at 11:47 AM
Mitch, Do you know what Aho is making this year compared to what his new salary will be in the first year of the contract? Also, why isn't he paid at the administrative salary schedule for the first year of the contract? The school board is hipocritical based on their support for SB5. SB5 was to do away with employee pickups for retirement, yet they are picking it up for Aho. I would think that if SB5 passed successfully, they would still be picking this up. That is what the unions were so upset about. That the unions were to make sacrifices, but the non-union employees did not have to make those sacrifices. The typical government double standard.
Mitch Cooper March 22, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Dave, good questions. As it says, he will take a pay freeze in the new contract, meaning he is currently at $108,000. Also, he is on the administrative salary schedule but took a pay freeze for the first year. His annual salary will be determined for the next two years when the time comes.


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