School Board's Paul Crosby Speaks Up About Levy

Paul Crosby told parents, residents why he supports the district's 4.9 mill levy on Nov. 6.

Paul Crosby, one of the more reserved school board members, shared his thoughts Tuesday night about the Twinsburg schools' upcoming levy.

"I’m voting for this levy, not because I’m a board member, but because I’m proud of this community,” Crosby said.

, will go before residents on the Nov. 6 ballot, asking for a 4.9 mill continuing operating levy.

If approved, it will create $3.8 million each year for the district, in addition to the recent $3.2 million in cuts and changes. Combined they will fill the $7 million hole in district operating expenses.

Crosby said he purposely moved his family to Twinsburg years ago because the district he was in was low performing, unable to pass a levy.

He added that he has voted for every school levy, even when his children weren't in school.

“As the schools go, so goes the community,” Crosby said, commenting that strong communities have strong schools.

He said there is no better investment than in the students and the community.

“Let’s work together to keep Twinsburg strong.”


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