Schools Will Take Twinsburg's 'Temperature' Using Phone Survey

After spring break the school district will ask residents to take a survey over the phone

As the changes to the continue, the administration wants to get more feedback from the community.

A community phone poll is being developed -- launching the week of April 16 -- to provide feedback on residents' satisfaction with the district's performance, especially regarding the

"We are curious to hear what the community thinks of the value of education and we want to be able to respond to concerns that are being raised," Superintendent Kathryn Powers said of the "temperature check".

District officials will use voter registration records to contact 320 residents, -- chosen at random -- to take the survey, which should take 15 minutes to complete. An online survey will be posted on the school website later this spring.

Powers said she's interested to collect the data and decide how to move forward, including putting a levy on the ballot. She wants to know if there would be enough support to pass a future levy.

"The board is concious that everyone is struggling right now," Powers said. "They don’t want to put a levy on the ballot when the community is telling us it’s the wrong time."

"If a tax levy is proposed, it needs to be justified by the community and it needs to make sense,” Board President Ron Stuver said. “It shouldn’t be the district asking for more funds, but trying to make up for lost revenue while still cutting expenses.”


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