Superintendent: 13 People Affected by Certified Staff Cuts

School officials are talking to teachers and other certified staff this week to notify those who will lose their jobs

In the 2012-13 school year, the will be without 13 certified staff members in order to meet the .

Superintendent Kathryn Powers said school officials started meeting with teachers and staff affected by the "full out reduction" on Thursday. They will continue meeting with small groups of affected teachers outside of school hours through Friday.

Powers could not give specifics on the positions because the meetings are still going on.

Two weeks ago, Powers said the district would cut 20 certified staff members (or full-time equivalents), and 20 full-time equivalents for classified staff, meaning more than 20 positions could be cut to include part-time workers.

The rest of the certified staff positions will be dealt with through attrition.

"We have some people who are retiring and their positions aren't being filled," Powers said.

Discussions with classified staff will begin next week and go up to April 5. By than point, Powers said, all affected employees should know.


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