Twinsburg Is 'Excellent With Distinction' for Fourth Straight Year

The official school report cards come out Wednesday, but the district was notified early of its great scores

For the fourth straight year, the has been rated “Excellent With Distinction” on its Ohio Report Card for the 2010-11 school year by the Ohio Department of Education.

The report cards are Ohio's system of rating the effectiveness of the state's more than 600 school districts and 3,600 schools.

While the school report cards don’t officially come out until Wednesday, the district was notified early of its stellar performance, according to new Superintendent Kathryn Powers, and it couldn’t be happier.

“We’re tickled,” Powers said. “That’s just a tremendous showing of the fact that the students of our district excel academically.”

While the official statistics haven’t been released, the district did receive an overall performance score of 105.9, an all-time high for Twinsburg, and met all 26 performance goals, including a 96 percent attendance rate and a 98 percent graduation rate.

Powers must now come into her new role trying to keep the ratings going and improving on their successes.

“My work for this coming year is to provide support to our staff, parents, and our students, so we can maintain the rating going into next summer,” Powers said.

The only problem, according to Powers, is that the students keep raising the bar higher, which is a good problem to have.


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